Why Dot Com (.com)?

There are many reasons why .COM Domain Names are the best for your brand (your business). There are many benefits of having a website with a .com domain.


A .COM domain positions your business as an established business and inspires trust among your website’s visitors. Being reliable and trustworthy are keys to all successful businesses.

Search Engine Rankings

All search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing prioritize .COM domain names over other domains. As a result, you will rank higher in search engine rankings.

Type-in Traffic

Not only a .com is easy to remember, given its rich history, “.com” is the most memorable domain. It is the most recognized by the general public. In fact, most people never think of trying other extensions like an .org or .net, etc. Interestingly, many browsers auto-fill the .com part as their default extension. With a .COM domain name, you are more likely to receive type-in traffic from internet users.and you will be able to obtain additional leads.


As an investment, .COM domain names are more valuable than other top-level domains. As the market for .COM domain names is bullish, you stand to gain from your domain name appreciating in value.


A .COM domain name will make your business appear more professional to visitors. As visitors will treat your business more seriously, your conversion rate and ultimately sales will increase.


“If you have to spell it over the phone, you’ve lost.” ~ Jason Calacanis

When you market your domain name, using a .COM top-level domain makes it easier for people remember. Using an alternative top-level domain may result in people visiting the wrong website.

The List Goes ON

  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Brand
  • Relevant


To Outrun Your Competitors